Thursday, January 7, 2010

Home Today

I have an eye appointment today. I hope my new glasses fair better than last years model. Sasha had them in several pieces in just a few months.

I'm also watching Sasha closely today, she was all barfy yesterday, but she kept her dinner of chicken noodle soup and breast milk down, and so far breakfast has been OK too. My fingers are crossed. I haven't called the pediatrician yet, I'm hoping to not have to go in.

My progress on my resolutions is getting stunted a bit.
1) I have been maintaining my food journal pretty well and I'm losing weight so that is OK,
2) The soda vs water battle has been a tough road. I need caffeine and I don't have the desire to make coffee every morning.
3) I have yet to get a haircut or a pedicure (both of those were goals last weekend but somehow it didn't happen.)
4) Sasha hasn't sworn any more, so I guess this one is on track.
5) I have an esty account, I have a paypal account, I have pics of craftiness that I have in stock that I could sell, but yet...
6) Being more green, well I sorted for the recycle bin.

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