Sunday, January 10, 2010

the non-resolution

I don't think this counts as a resolution because I have been doing it for a while. This may be more organizational for me, I need a place where I can find all my links (I realize I could bookmark them but then...)

I refuse to pay full price. I seldom buy anything unless it is on clearance or if I have coupon. It amazes me how many stores have coupons available and sometime how hard those stores make it to find them. I usually use coupons I get from the newspaper, print off of websites or load to my shopper cards. I even get money for my student loans with coupons.

We used to go to Sam's Club once a month or so and ended up spending $200-$300 dollars each trip, and that didn't include the regular weekly shopping trips. I still make the regular weekly trips but I usually spend less that $60 per week. That includes everything we bought before, laundry soap, diapers, milk, soda, whatever. But now we aren't driving 40 miles out of our way to do it.

This week I bought 6 chickens (a lot, I know) that were on sale for $0.47 a pound. I paid less than $12.00 and we have dinners for a dozen nights (although not all in a row). I also never pay more than $6.00 for a pack of diapers, and when Huggies are on sale I get $1-$2 towards my student loans too (using I have learned all these tricks through My mom also uses and she spends $40 a week to feed 4 people (3 of them teenagers).

I also recently bought shoes at JCPenneys, after some research I found a 15% off coupon. It paid for the tax and then some. They were still pricey shoes, but I saved about $20. It is also amazing how many coupons for toys and other non-grocery items are out there. Coupons for free underwear and lip gloss are available from Victoria's Secret; Bed, Bath and Beyond honors its expired coupons; and with shopper cards coupons for money off total purchases are often incentives to shop regularly.

I also don't tend to buy clothes from department stores. I like Ross for dresses or nicer clothes or thrift stores for jeans and weekend clothes. I could never spend more that $20 for a pair of jeans, or a party dress. There are so many alternatives to the malls and the trendy brands out there. I suppose because I never notice the brand of jeans or shoes someone is wearing, I assume that they don't notice the brands I'm wearing. Of course, at thrift stores even high-end brands are available for cheap.

I guess I'm just cheap, but then again, it is my money and I choose not to spend more of it then I have to. It is worth it to me to spend a few minutes (or an hour on Sunday) to save my money. If it affords us a better lifestyle, or pays for a vacation or tuition someday then it is worth it to me. become a preferred member for deeper discounts.

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