Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome 2010!!

Well I guess it is time I kept a journal online. I hope this will keep me accountable for meeting my goals this year.

Goal 1) keep a food journal. So far, so good. I have been keeping an honest and accurate journal about what I eat, why and when as well as any exercise, since 12/26/09. Monday morning Andy and I will be starting South Beach again.

Goal 2) Drink less sodas. It isn't good for me, and it is expensive.

Goal 3) Pamper myself. For too long I have put my needs behind everyone else. In order to not end up punching somebody, I need to

Goal 4) Watch my language and be a better role model for Sasha. This doesn't just include the words I say, but how I treat people, how I spend/save money and how I treat myself.

Goal 5) Sell more of my craftiness. After concerns of layoffs this year, I realized I need a plan B. I have made several bits of crafty goodness, I now need to get going and sell them.

Goal 6) Be more green. I have a very hippy degree and job. I need to flesh it out in my home life too.

My future posts will be better written and thought out, but now my battery is about to die, so I gotta go.

1 comment:

  1. Re: Goal 1... Good idea! I need to get back on that track as well.

    Re: Goal 2... drinking less sodas won't be less expensive, it'll just create more waste. I recommend drinking FEWER sodas ;)

    I'm limiting myself to 1 per week and 1 more per weekend. It usually works pretty well for me!

    Re: Goal 3... Might pampering yourself actually involve punching someone? Also, did this one cut off?

    I like your goals, good luck with them! I have similar resolutions, and I found a couple years ago that blogging about them did seem to help make me accountable for them and therefore actually help make them happen.