Monday, January 18, 2010

T-shirt bags, Haircut, Face Cream and other pictures

SO I made a couple of t-shirt bags, and I'm willing to part with them. One I gave to my mom, the other is up for grabs.

My Mom's

The One I'm Giving Away!!

My New Haircut and the benchmark for my face cream. I will take follow-up pictured so that I can tell if it is helping. (please excuse the cheesy-ness)

And a cute sleepy Sasha

If you want a t-shirt bag, post a comment letting me know. If more than one person is interested, then I will pick randomly, and make more bags for future giveaways. I will mail it out at the end of the week.

Thanks. :)


  1. That would be great for taking my massage sheets to class in :) O and Sasha is adorable as always.

    What kind of face cream are you using?

  2. Merlot face cream, an old lady and walgreens said it was good.

    PM your address to me, and I'll send you the bag. It is much cuter than the pic suggests.

  3. Awesome I'll pm you the address today :)

    O and I will have to look for the skin just has not been right since I got pregnant with Ava.

  4. Would T-shirts be a good thing to make drawstring bags out of for that thing we talked about that one time?